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Dr. Forgey's


on Travel Medical Immunizations and Risk Assessment

Is to assess travel risk

 and provide appropriate

 information and prophylaxis

 to the traveler.


Destination risk includes

 exposure to infectious disease

 and may be environmental

 or political in nature.

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His book

 Wilderness Medicine, 6th: 

Beyond First Aid 

Is an invualuble,


 well illustrated text,

 for those who must provide immediate care when access

 to a medical facility

 is difficult or impossible.


Read about Dr. Forgey's

volunteer medical assistance

for the people of Haiti, due to the needs of people in that country,

due to the devestating earthquake, and now, the cholera outbreak,

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Dr. William W. Forgey M.D.

"Doc" Forgey

Northern Manitoba, Canada, 1975


This Website is dedicated to Dr. William Forgey M.D., and all he has achieved through the building of the Forgey-Cabin, the numerous expeditions he led there, and the lives he changed for the better, by helping and supporting so many of us lovers of wilderness, who spent time with him, as well as living a log cabin dream.


The Forgey cabin is the result of having a dream, seeing it through to fruition, and sharing it with others whose love of wilderness is similar. This was the dream of Dr. William Forgey M.D. Owning his own medical practice in Merrillville Indiana for over 30 years. Dr. Forgey has traveled the world extensively. Beginning in the early 1970’s, he began canoeing and exploring the wild river systems of northern Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, Canada, During one of those trips, he found what he was looking for.


The culmination of taking that other path, traveling on where others yield and turn back, placing four corner stones in the ground, and having the courage to claim it, Dr. Forgey defined the foundation that was to support his dream. By petitioning the Canadian government for a land lease, and permit to build a wilderness log cabin, the building site was secured.


On a small rise beside a tributary of the magnificent Churchill River, deep in the vast wilderness of northern Manitoba Canada, rests a small, rough cut, hand hewn log cabin. Built from a sparse stand of large black spruce trees, the cabin is surrounded by an enormous track of sub-arctic wilderness. Small gangly spruce and tamarack trees surround the site, struggling to grow through mounding hummocks of sphagnum moss, that grow around and even over meandering bogs of dark brown, tannin stained water. It is a primeval looking land, a vast forlorn landscape seldom visited, if ever, by less enthusiastic wilderness adventurers. The cabin is an island of human endeavor, the culmination of considerable planning and effort over several years, conceived of and constructed by Dr. Forgey, and many other adventuring friends.


Over the next 30 years, this small, very remote cabin has been visited by many men and women, who were able to live out some of their dreams, through the help of Dr. Forgey. Many of these individuals stayed and lived in the cabin, some for two, four, seven or more months at a time. With no electricity, or contact of any kind with the outside world, these strong adventurist, lived, even thrived, in an environment of awesome ruggedness, and sublime beauty.


Paddling whitewater In the Fon Du Lac area, during a trip in 1990.

Dr. William Forgey M.D. paddling the Fon Du Lac area, 1990.